All platters come garnished, with condiments and arrive ready to serve.

Full English Breakfast Platter £4.25/ £6.50 pp (minimum order 10)
A griddled bacon or cumberland sausage roll (+fresh orange juice)

Mini Pastry Breakfast Platter £3.75pp/ £6.25 pp  BEST SELLER (minimum order 4)
Selection of 3 mini pastries and mini muffins, freshly baked each morning (+fresh orange juice)

Continental Breakfast platter £5.75/ £8.00 pp (minimum order 4 )
Homemade mini yoghurt and granola pot,mini fruit pot, 2 mini pastries, fresh orange juice

Daily Sandwich Platter £6.25 pp  BEST SELLER
A round and a quater per person on a variety of thick sliced breads, baguettes, wraps

Daily Savoury Platter £6.00 pp (minimum order 8)
Selection of 4 different meat, fish, or vegetarian savoury nibbles

Crudité Platter with Dips £2.75pp  BEST SELLER
Freshly cut vegetable batons & tortilla chips with a selection of dips. Perfect for vegetarian, vegan, wheat and gluten free requirements

Cheese Platter £6.75pp
French brie, Scottish cheddar, English stilton, Red Leicester, with a dozen crackers, grapes, chutneys

Meat Platter £6.75pp
Slices of British & continental meats served with chutneys, pickles, marinated olives, griddled ciabbatta

Anti-pasta £6.75pp
Milano salami, Spanish chorizo, Parma ham, marinated olives, chargrilled peppers, artichokes, sundried tomatoes, griddled ciabbatta bread

Whole Fruit Platter £0.85 pp (minimum order 6)
Apples, oranges, bananas, strawberries, grapes (your 5-a-day sorted!)

Tropical Fruit Kebab Platter £3.50pp  BEST SELLER

Bite sized pieces on two skewers. A beautiful display, certain to impress

Little Treat Platter 8.50pp  BEST SELLER
Selection of 5 cookies, muffins and mini tray bake cakes

Naughty But Nice Platter £10.00pp
Luxury sponge cake selection with 5 favourites such as carrot & chocolate fudge

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